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From Social Media to Social Ministry


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Why Social Media to Social Ministry?

There are more than 2.3 billion professing Christians in the world and more and more new churches launching globally, yet statistics show that in-person church attendance is declining or plateauing in every nation.


Although social technology has been around for more than two decades, church leaders have long bristled at the idea of church online, ranking it as the last concern on their minds in Barna’s 2020 state of the church report published February 3, 2020. And then, three weeks later, COVID-19 closed the doors of every church on earth and suddenly forced them entirely online.

NONA JONES, a globally acclaimed thought leader on leveraging technology for ministry, has been leading a movement and sounding the alarm for years to make digital discipleship a central part of every church’s ministry approach. In From Social Media to Social Ministry, she outlines her digital discipleship principles and provides practical instruction for how to do it no matter how big or


small a local church may be. There are plenty of books to help churches build a social media strategy, but this is the first book of its kind that goes beyond digital marketing to digital ministry.


Readers will leave this book with:

  • CLARITY on what discipleship truly is

  • The DATA that underscores the urgency for digital discipleship

  • UNDERSTANDING of the resources required to do it well

  • A step-by-step guide on HOW to implement digital discipleship into ministry plans

  • Knowledge of the DIFFERENCES among and purposes of the most popular social platforms and the tools best positioned for digital ministry


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Available June 23, 2020

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Available 8.4.20

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The barrier to entry for online ministry is lower than it’s ever been. In From Social Media to Social Ministry, Nona Jones equips readers to use social technology for so much more than we have in the past. With her singular perspective as a global thought-leader in this space, she shows us that online ministry is more than an opportunity. It’s a responsibility.

Bobby Gruenewald
Founder, YouVersion


It doesn't matter how many followers you have if those followers aren't following Jesus through you.


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