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Programs & Offerings

If you or your congregation would like support in getting a pulse on where your congregation is at on it's journey in addressing racism internally and externally we'd love to support you in that work!

Business Discussion


We can offer responsive and scaffolded coaching sessions with pastors, elders, and/or lay leaders.

Business Presentation


We can support in engaging in qualitative research of your congregation to help you better understand where you're currently at and offering best practices in how to pursue biblical justice.

Gospel Choir


​We also offer regular programming such as our pastors REFresh cohort, Walking through Whiteness: A monthly conversation for white pastors, Pastors Equipping Call, and gatherings to support the healing and relationship building amongst pastors of Color.

Faith and Prejudice believes in supporting in the redistribution of wealth from those who have historically been privileged to those who have been historically under-resourced. Therefore, all services offered to white churches will be asked to donate to the Flourishing Fund based on the services.

​If you would like to enquire about these offerings please email our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Anna Stamborski, at

Our Partners

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St. Paul ELCA - St. Paul, MN 

Open Door Church - Gainesville, FL

UCC of Minnesota and Wisconsin 

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