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About the Academy

Nona Jones was a corporate executive by the age of twenty-three, a sought after speaker and minister of the gospel, recognized by leading publications as an influential woman to watch, and wife of a devoted husband. But, beneath her success was a crumbling foundation of feeling empty, confused and alone. To top it all off, she was overweight, unhealthy and constantly felt exhausted.

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Nona prayed and reflected on her life and decisions and discovered that the trauma of childhood sexual and physical abuse left such deep wounds that no amount of success could heal them.  She realized she had used food to medicate her pain, but after making her feel better for a moment, she would climb into her size 18/20 clothes and feel worse. Nona needed a major intervention.


After prayerfully seeking God and discovering the keys to freedom from past pain, Nona went on to build fulfilling success out of empty success, became a global voice of hope and healing and lost 100 pounds in the process. She chronicled her story in Success from the Inside Out and launched the Nona Jones Leadership Academy to similarly equip and empower others to build their best life. 

Meet the Faculty

Every offering of the Nona Jones Leadership Academy directly reflects the passions and motivations of founder, Nona Jones; business leader, pastor, bestselling author and fitness enthusiast. Faculty are hand-selected because of their expertise, depth of knowledge and ability to make learning together fun!



Success School

Nona is a recognized leader in business and ministry. She has released two bestselling books and hosts a Facebook Live Talk Show and Podcast. She regularly keynotes major conferences and events around the world, always delivering a message rooted in faith no matter the subject or audience.



Author School


Margot  is a New York Times Bestselling writer and an award-winning author of over 20 books. She is a graduate of Westmont College and Princeton Seminary and has had a hand in over 100 major publishing projects, serving publishers as a writer, collaborator, ghostwriter, editor, and word coach.  Learn more at  



Fitness School

Shannon's drive to help women thrive in faith, food and fitness came out of navigating her own emotional and physical challenges with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune condition where the body attacks the thyroid. Through nourishing foods and lifestyle changes, Shannon figured out her own body’s unique triggers and discovered that health is uniquely personal and absolutely tangible. Learn more at

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My Academy and Schools are designed to be an experience like no other; one that not only offers strategies to help you succeed in life, but strategies to help you heal what success can't help.

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Even when uncertainty is the only thing you’re certain of, there is hope and an opportunity to thrive through God. 

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School Descriptions

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Success School exists to equip you with the strategies you need to actualize the unique passion and purpose lying within you, whether recognized or not yet discovered. The 10-week curriculum will cover the strategies Nona Jones uses to be optimally productive and impactful in business, ministry and life.

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Author School exists to equip writers to take the next step in your journey toward publication, focusing primarily on traditional publishing and also addressing the needs of those who plan to self-publish. The 10-week curriculum will cover the strategies Margot Starbuck coaches bestselling authors on.

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Fitness School exists to equip you with the tools to achieve your weight-loss goals by cultivating healthy habits. Through simple, sustainable and results driven instruction, the 10-week curriculum will cover the strategies Shannon uses to lead mind, body, and soul transformation.

Your Investment

For one payment of $250, you get lifetime access to the leadership academy trainings and materials shared during your cohort.
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How it Works

Each School of the Nona Jones Leadership Academy is a 10-week,  online, interactive program experience that will challenge you, grow you, inspire you and equip you to achieve your goals. Once you become a cohort member, you will have lifetime access to all trainings and materials offered during your cohort.

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