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National & Local Events

Stay tuned to our calendar of events for news and updates about programming, partnership opportunities, and practical ways to put your faith in action.

about faith & prejudice

Faith & Prejudice is a move of God. We exist to unite the Church across races and denominations to confront and dismantle systemic racism in America. While 30% of Americans identify as Republican and 31% of Americans identify as Democrat, 65% of Americans identify as Christian, more than both major political parties combined. We believe that change won't happen in the halls of Congress until it first happens in the heart of the Church.

FREE curriculum

now available

Thanks to the generous support of people like you, we are pleased to announce the release of the Faith & Prejudice small group curriculum, featuring conversations with many of our nation's leading civil rights advocates, theologians, activists and scholars discussing the role Christians must play to pursue justice.

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Strongholds require the denial they exist to persist.

-Nona Jones, Founder


our vision & work

By 2030, Faith & Prejudice will lead a national movement of 100,000 churches to dismantle systemic racism in the United States of America as indicated by statistically significant increases in racial equity across the education, criminal justice, health and economic systems. In order to accomplish that, we build our work across five strategic pillars, highlighted below.

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We are, first and foremost, a faith-forward movement. Everything we do begins with prayer and we seek God’s wisdom for the actions we take to confront and dismantle racism in America.

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We work to provide high-impact, high-value educational opportunities that promote learning not typically offered in traditional public or private education settings with the goal of creating shared memory.

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We desire to create structured opportunities for people of different races and faith positions to come together and discover the shared humanity that should unite us all in the spirit of compassion and love of Jesus.

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We desire to lead the Church in putting our faith to work by taking action on the issues promoting systemic racism and injustice in America, including being the connective tissue between local churches and legislative bodies

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We desire to use social technology to tear down the walls of hatred and animosity between Christians by building a national community of learning that will confront racism in all its forms

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Listen to the Faith & Prejudice podcast to hear in-depth interviews with civil rights leaders, theologians, scholars and advocates discussing the history of racism in America and the work Christians can do today to right the present impact of past wrongs.

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